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Holistic Veterans

Santa Cruz, California

Holistic Veterans is a Santa Cruz grown 501C3 non-profit organization.

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Holistic Veterans is a Santa Cruz grown 501C3 non-profit organization.


Our mission is to offer a diversity of programs and supportive services that provide veterans direct access to holistic healing modalities, conscious business practices, and principles of permaculture.


Holistic Veterans is a non-profit organization that will provide Recreation Therapy services and facilitate pathways for veterans to receive Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAMs) treatments that are appropriate for the individually assessed needs of our participating veteran population. Our supervisory apparatus will be managed by qualified veterans that will employ a diverse staff of certified therapists, nutrition and wellness specialists, and renowned practitioners of holistic healing modalities that will facilitate evidenced-based treatments and strategies that improve functional capacities and enhance quality of life. Our organization will utilize established relationships with community partners and develop new relationships with local and federal agencies to provide access and incentives for our veteran members to take advantage of all-available resources in their respective communities.


Holistic Veterans will model, advocate for, and facilitate conscious and sustainable business and service practices. Our organizational objectives are to create veteran owned and operated businesses that bolster the entrepreneurial spirit and create opportunities for skill development, leadership, community service, and teamwork.